About Our Products

Sunarias provides commercial buildings with our proprietary advanced solar thermal energy production. Our products offer Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling; our success is in the combination of our creation of a controller developed specifically for this process and our custom high output collector.

We carefully monitor the operating parameters of every step in the process, adjusting flows, rates, temperatures, pressures, and times as needed — always for optimal performance. The system reports back to a central monitoring station several times per second. Our staff then uses our software to analyze, record, and report the performance of every system on our network. If a system falls outside required operation, we immediately dispatch professionals to diagnose and repair.

We pride ourselves not only on our top-of-the-line professional solar thermal energy production system, but on comprehensive customer service that ensures that your system is running at its best, all the time.

Sunarias systems generate heating and cooling to buildings replacing conventional utility use for the same application. Cool your building effectively! Our products are perfect for your retrofit or for your new building.